La Penta is the result of the collaboration between two associations: EASA with an international base and background and Le Domaine des Gorges, providing a local frame. 

EASA, the European Architecture Students Assembly, is a non-profit and decentralized structure, organized and led by students for students. As a platform for cultural and educational exchange, EASA connects architecture students and professionals from all European countries, and in recent years from all over the world. Currently, EASA consists of 49 European national teams, an international team, and two teams of parallel organizations: NASA (National Association of Students of Architecture, India) and CLEA (Coordinadora Latinoamericana de Estudiantes de Arquitectura, Latin America). EASA has existed officially since 1981 and is part of the last 60 years of the development of alternative pedagogies. 

EASA offers a unique framework for education, accommodating a non institutionalized form of teaching, learning and exchange. A horizontal learning process where decisions are made upon consensus, EASA gives a chance to experience architecture in a way that universities are yet not providing. Bringing students to a certain context, defined by the location and the theme of the assembly, where they have to raise architectural questions themselves and investigate them through the eyes of all European cultures simultaneously. Being their own educators, students then elaborate the answers and bring them to reality.