The workshop La Penta is a collaboration between two associations: EASA and the Domaine des Gorges; one with an international background and another one acting on a local scale. We will create a framework in which we, as students, will live together and interact with each other with the aim to develop a sense of community. Everybody joins with an active and collaborative state of mind.

During the preparation phase, we will exchange knowledge and experience within the group in a horizontal manner. We would like to suppress the dialectical roles of “organizers” and “participants” by including everyone in the preparation. Everyone can join and choose their amount of involvement according to the responsibilities one wants to take on. There will not be any specific goal or grade, no higher entity but ourselves. We will be the only ones in charge of the outcome of the workshop La Penta.

The project of La Penta is not contained to the two weeks of the workshop but is part of a bigger process. In July we will spend two weekends at the site to explore, theorize and concretize the further details of the workshop. A few weekdays in summer we’ll spend time at the site and have the opportunity to work in the Domaine des Gorges to help our hosts in their activities. By doing that, we want to get a better grasp of the site and the concept of permaculture.

Our main focus will be the construction of a welcome and living area. Design, materials, techniques, programs… all this will be defined in previous discussions and meetings during the preparation process. This will be supported by a theoretical and pedagogical framework and the intervention of different collectives during round tables, workshops, projections, etc.